5 reasons why we consistently deliver exceptional search outcomes.

  • 5 reasons why we consistently deliver exceptional search outcomes.

  • 1. We know the Information Technology and Consulting sector, intimately.

    We maintain a thorough personnel mapping of every business software, technology services, outsourcing and management consulting organisation with a footprint in Australia & New Zealand and the broader Asia Pacific region.

    This mapping encompasses executive, management and key individual contributor roles. We assemble intelligence on the scope of responsibility, remuneration and metrics, and performance of each person.

    Every day we are meeting with or conducting background research into key people - accumulating and refining our understanding of the market and the people within it.

    It is a continuous and conscientious process, which allows us to develop a virtual talent pool of top performers that we leverage when we are engaged on a given assignment.

  • 2. We apply both pragmatism and creativity to our work.

    When devising a search strategy for an assignment, we consider the potential sources of suitably qualified , experienced and culturally aligned people. We also consider each prospective candidate’s situation in terms of their interest in a given opportunity and their willingness to move at a point in time – naturally, most of the people that we engage with are successful and well ensconced in their current role.

    We take particular pleasure in identifying emerging talent; people that are perhaps not in open view or that merit a step-up in responsibilities.

    Whether a candidate comes from a predictable or an unexpected source, assessing them in interviews and cross-referencing based on their qualities - in addition to their accomplishments - is a skill that our clients have come to value. Our assessment has often caused our clients to refine or rethink their own assessment of candidates. 

    Our clients and candidates value our ability to develop a deeper perspective of why a person may be successful in a role by virtue of their characteristics and adjacent experience, rather than relying on only pursuing candidates that have performed the identical role elsewhere.

  • 3. We think beyond a recruitment transaction.

    Many of our clients conduct their own recruitment for volume roles, however, they entrust us to hire their executive, management and key individual contributor roles.

    Although we thrive on the challenge of delivering within aggressive timeframes, we also feel the full weight of responsibility in appointing people that have a material positive impact on our clients’ business. Ultimately, this is how we measure our performance – it ensures that we don’t cut corners with our clients or candidates.

    We are also mindful of the impact that a recruitment exercise can have on the market. It can be an opportunity to correct any misconceptions that targeted candidates might have about our client’s business.

  • 4. We work hard and leave nothing to chance.

    The market is dynamic; people develop new skills and change preferences. Companies restructure and acquire - or are acquired.

    To really know the market, we are vigorously engaged. We know months in advance that a brilliant Associate Partner in a Systems Integration practice is disenfranchised with her new Practice Leader and may soon be open to moving. Or that an enterprise software firm has (detrimentally) modified its commission scheme for its sales force, causing its top sales people to start looking elsewhere.

    In a vibrant market where time and timing is crucial, we recognise the need for relentless diligence  - we are only as successful as our last assignment.

  • 5. We engage conscientiously with our clients and our candidates.

    Our modus operandi is to run a participative and transparent search process where our client has full view of our search strategy and of our progress during the course of an assignment – and our candidates have a complete understanding of the role, people and company that we represent. Enabling our clients and candidates to make informed decisions with the right information at hand is our imperative.

    Our knowledge of the IT and consulting market enables us to respectfully challenge our clients in areas such as role criteria (in light of market realities),  interview process (and the attendant candidate experience) and applying rigour to the selection process.

    Equally, we are able to respectfully challenge our candidates preconceived views  of our client, the market and their place in the market – which is critical to helping candidates to objectively weigh up the merit of moving.